Easy Clean Chicken Egg Laying Nest Box (Patent Pending)

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Posted On: Jun 29, 2015 06:45


Designed specifically for entry level chicken keepers. This uniquely designed chicken nest box encourages hens to lay, keeps eggs clean, and makes nest bedding easy to change. Patented curtain design provides security and comfort for your hen and eliminates heat and moisture buildup. Discourages hens from wanting to lay or perch on top of the nestbox. Curtain can be easily removed for cleaning or replacing. Large enough for two hens to nest at the same time. Easy to clean. Rotating front perch makes it very easy to change out the nestbox bedding. The box can be taken apart without tools for complete cleaning and sanitizing. Tried and tested by experienced chicken keeper (Please read testimonial in the pictures section)

Nestboxes are available in three variations

Unique with a chicken themed front perch design and curtain, painted in a complementary color ... every nestbox is created by me and is unique .... priced at $79.00 with FREE SHIPPING

Customized for your chickens ... you choose the color scheme .... the front perch graphic .... curtain material preference .... again each nestbox is individually crafted by me and of course unique ..... priced at $99 with FREE SHIPPING

FOR THE DIY er .... same unique patented design to give you easy nestbox cleaning and maintenance keeping your eggs clean and your chickens cozy and comfortable but you do the sanding, painting, artwork and curtain .... fun and easy project for the family and of course resulting in a unique nestbox ...... priced at $45.00 with FREE SHIPPING

Please see pics of ready made available in the pictures section. Contact through the form below ... email wizardssense@yahoo.com or text your contact info to 352-278-1883

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