1999 Yamaha For Sale

V-Star - Columbus

Make: Yamaha
Model: V-Star
Miles: 44,000
Engine: 1602.0
State: Used

Posted On: Jul 29, 2015 09:29


1999 Yamaha Silverado
I have ridden this for several years and it has only been in the shop once for a good cleaning. We have recently had an addition to our family and the wife isn't too keen on our son wanting to ride with me. So I am having to sell my motorcycle. Hopefully later on, I'll be able to purchase another one.

She runs great. Does need a good cleaning and the saddle bags need to be repaired or replaced. The bike had to sit outside for about a year while we lived in an apartment. It was covered, but the bags did dry out to much and the treads have way.

It has a new ignition switch (long story) and the carbs were rebuilt last year. The gas tank does need some care. Everything is fine, but no good deed goes unpunished. A friends was working to replace the spark plugs and the tank had to be removed. In doing so, the tank was damaged.

She's loud, proud and fast.

I'm afraid there isn't any insurance on her at this time. So no test rides. The only way you can test drive her is to bring a cashiers check so you can purchase the bike. That way you and your insurance own the bike while you ride. I'll even allow a 3 day return if you don't like it policy. That way you can take her and make sure she is what you want.